Marcia’s Web

Marcia’s Web, LLC

Marcia Bolsinga
Eagle Point, Oregon

Our Mission

Writing a business mission statement is something most of us have had to do at one time or another, and let’s agree it’s not fun. But in simplest terms, our mission is to create a unique website for you that will help in achieving your success, and that will provide the functionality you need, with an attractive design, all while making the experience as simple and as pleasant as possible.

Our Story

Marcia got started in website design in 2011 when the local Apple User Group needed to replace their aging website. With fifteen years of technology experience, Marcia felt she was a good candidate for the job, and jumped right in, volunteering to take on the challenge, and learning several cutting-edge web technologies as she built the new site for the group.

Marcia’s Web business then grew by word of mouth, creating websites for clubs, artists, crafters, and small businesses, including e-commerce sites for virtual and physical goods.

Working closely with clients has been one of the perks of the job, getting the chance to meet filmmakers, actors, musicians, photographers, small business owners, medical practitioners. Learning about them and their unique worlds has been exciting.  

We are passionate about good web design, and believe that clean and simple are the keys to good web design.  Learning new things excites us, and we hope to continue learning while working with both our existing and new clients.